La Morada, like many other housing initiatives in the city of Barcelona, is a collective project that is born out of the necessity to access adequate housing that is affordable and sustainable in a context of housing emergency, and out of the need to organize care and affection beyond the nuclear family. A cohousing model that has care in its center alongside interdependence in a continuum between private and public, the individual and the collective.

We have made a huge investment among all of us in our wish to materialize the political and housing project of La Morada, and it is becoming more viable, but we are still far away from the economic affordability that we intend.

We want to prove that it is possible to build housing cooperatives in privately own land, removing it from the speculative market. We want to connect with the neighborhood and our collaborative members in diverse ways: we participate in the Roquetes neighborhood association, we are working towards the development of an energetic community, etc.
We know we are not alone and that, like us, a lot of you believe and wish to accompany us in this dream. Do you want to help us make La Morada come true?


By making a voluntary contribution you are voicing your support to La Morada and the feminist and LGBTI+ cooperative housing model that we are building… and you are also helping us make the project more affordable!

Deposit or transfer any amount to the account number ES65 1491 0001 2830 0012 0613 indicating in the deposit or transfer concept “I am in love with La Morada”.

Become a member!

Who can become a member?

Any person, individual, cooperative, association, etc. that feels affinity with the project and wants to participate and support it.

Why become a member of La Morada?
  • You will be supporting now and in the future a new housing model: a feminist and LGBTI+ cooperative housing in grant of use.
  • You will be strengthening our social base. Every new member proves to administrations, financing institutions and society in general that the cooperative housing model in grant of use is of interest… to a lot of people!
  • You will be part of La Morada and will be able to participate in its development through the General Assembly. As a member, you will also be able to participate in actions, activities, and open spaces, and help us design how La Morada connects and collaborates with the neighborhood.
I want to become a collaborative member! What do I have to do?

Fill in the form that you can download here.

Make a monetary contribution of minimum 100€, just one payment, no other quotas, and refundable if you want to stop being a member of the cooperative. This mandatory contribution must be deposited or transferred to the account number ES65 1491 0001 2830 0012 0613, indicating in the deposit or transfer concept “mandatory contribution”.

Send us an email to attaching the proof of transfer or deposit, copy of your identification document, and the form filled in with your personal information. We will get in touch with you via email to formalize your registration and welcome you.

If you have any doubts, you can also send them to that same email address.

I want to live in La Morada! What do I have to do?

All collaborative members of La Morada have the right to register in the list of expectant members, which is how the members that would like to live in one of the flats of the housing cooperative in grant of use at La Morada are called.

To become an expectant member you have to:



  • Be a collaborative member.
  • Fulfill the requirements to access public housing in the city of Barcelona.
  • Write to us at so that we can solve your doubts or so that we can directly register you in our list of expectant members.